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About Us

The Health Equity Collective is a multi-sector effort focused on creating a more equitable health ecosystem in Greater Houston. The Collective has over 400 members representing over 140 organizations and more than 50 coalitions aligned with a shared mission to establish an impactful, sustainable, data-driven system to promote health equity and address the social drivers of health outcomes. 

Through this data sharing ecosystem, we aim to implement a comprehensive population-level approach to understand and effectively and efficiently address the social determinants of health (SDOH) across our region. We will start with food insecurity, document the factors driving food insecurity, and measure the impact of community interventions targeting food insecurity on health outcomes at the population level. This comprehensive population-level approach will then be leveraged and expanded across the spectrum of SDOH. See here for details on the process of selecting food security as an indicator of success for an SDOH ecosystem approach .

While our work is anchored in Greater Houston, our impact is felt across the footprint of our member organizations. View list of member organizations here